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How 2 Create Wealth Coaching

Helen Creegan Walsh


About Helen

At How 2 Create Wealth Coaching, I know that you want to be achieving your goals and living your best life.

In order to do that faster and make a Quantum Leap, you need a Prosperity Mindset Mentor that will give you a guaranteed process and keep you accountable.

The problem is you find yourself working harder and not making the money you want , which makes you feel exhausted, undervalued and stuck.

I believe you really shouldn’t feel like you are on a hamster wheel.

Working in the Financial Services Industry, I have seen people struggle with money and I want to help them move past this, create the income of their dreams and take back their time.

Here is how I do it. Book a discovery call, I walk you through the Programme which will give you guaranteed results if you work it and see if we are a good fit. Contact me here and stop being stuck in the same place 6 months or a Year from now, Instead Create the Wealth YOU Want.