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Maura O’Rourke Artist

Maura O’Rourke


Maura O’Rourke is a self-taught painter based in Dublin, Ireland.

From an early age Maura showed an aptitude for painting and drawing, but it was not until the 1990s that she devoted her professional energies to painting.

Maura’s practice continues to grow and expand, as she moved in the American market with collections of work for limited edition print. She was the selected artist present for IBAM at Chicago, with a collection of work exploring Derry and Northern Ireland entitled A Journey toward Understanding through Art. This collection was shown in both Chicago and Derry.

Commissions continue to be a big part of Maura’s work. She considers herself lucky to work in a field that fascinates her and about which she is passionate.

In the rural village of Oldtown, you will find Maura at work in The Cottage Gallery, which is tucked away in the heart of the village. There, Maura paints and creates and imagines the works that you find in these webpages.

Visitors are welcomed the Cottage Gallery by appointment or if passing by. Products on sale there include all items from the online shop in addition to original paintings by Maura O’Rourke, a unique selection of crafts, handmade goods, jewellery and cards.

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Cottage Gallery


Co. Dublin