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Meeting Format

The format of our meetings:

Michael Malone and Ian Jackson, our current joint-Chairmen, initiate the fortnightly Zoom call, or physical meeting in Malahide, at 7.45am on the chosen Wednesday.

Members arrive on the call, or in person between 7.45 and 8am.

The meeting starts promptly at 8am.

The Chairman on the day welcomes members and guests.

The first item on the agenda is the 10-minute presentation by one of the members (in rotation).

This is followed by a 2 minute presentation by each of the members and guests. As meeting numbers grow, this time may be reduced to, say, 90 seconds, as we insist on finishing on time at 9am.

Each presenter introduces themselves, and their business, tells the group what an ideal referral would be, and details what activity they have had with other group members since the previous meeting.

The meeting finishes promptly at 9am, allowing everyone to get to work and start their day in a positive frame of mind.


Member 1-2-1s: As the time allotted at the meeting is by its nature short, we encourage our members to meet up outside the View venue, or the Zoom call, to get to know each other, find out more about their respective businesses and find areas of common interest. It is primarily from the “1-2-1s” (two members meeting face to face) that referral opportunities emerge.

Every second meeting (i.e. once a month), we meet at The View – a co-working space that offers private offices, dedicated desks and flexi desks with exquisite views of the Malahide Marina and Lambay Island. Parking is available just outside the venue.