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OBC Advisory

Ciarán O’Brien
Managing Director

Building the bridge from where you are to where you always wanted to be !

OBC advisory is a specialist consulting and coaching firm for your business based in Dublin, Ireland. Consider us your support network dedicated to help your company and business in achieving your vision.

We achieve this by adopting a very different approach than the usual consulting and coaching firms. Our work with each client is smart and different, so that we help your business blossom. We think about each business carefully, and look for its most important and critical challenges. With our research and tailor-made action plans, we empower you so that you achieve your goals easily.

Our question is: “what is the potential for your business & career?” We’re driven by the passion of recognising and realising potential in business through High Performance Business Coaching & Advanced Strategic Consulting. We apply proven strategies that simply work.

Explore our list of services to help you grow your business in no time! We provide you with advanced business strategies, high performance business coaching and world-class consulting. We are all about strategic planning!

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Ciarán gently challenged me to see my skills as transferrable and multi purposeful and he supported me to change how I saw myself and my future. Examining one’s life through a lens of your own making, considering what you want to earn, how much you want to work and what that work will entail puts you in the driving seat of your destiny. I am now pursuing dreams and carving out a life for myself that I had boxed away as a pipedream. I would not have reached this place alone.

Dr Sara Flynn