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Member Testimonials

I have been a member of the NDBN since March 2022, having been invited to join by Bronwyn from Printcom who printed my book and referred Dena from Luvly Content to me to do the photography for my book and social media. I had been a member of another large networking group some years ago and while I saw the value of that networking, that particular group felt very impersonal.

The NDBN by contrast has an extremely friendly and supportive energy, everyone is genuinely interested in finding out about each others business and attentive to opportunities to support each other both in terms of referrals and also in offering introductions and advice where applicable. I was immediately welcomed by the group and made to feel part of the “family” for which I am most grateful. 
Aside completely from business referrals, the group has been invaluable to me as a resource with Ian Jackson from Go2web coming to my rescue when my website was hacked last year – his support and guidance went above and beyond and he had my website up and running again within a week. I wouldn’t have known where to begin as my previous web-designer had left the field. I can attest that my website is now so much better than I could have envisaged, I can’t thank Ian and his design team enough. Their ongoing support is a real gift. 
Another member flagged an issue around email security which I had been oblivious to. This is another benefit of being part of the NDBN. Each member brings their expertise to the table offering mutual connection and support. As a sole trader, wearing all of the hats in my business it is a real gift to have a group of people with expertise in a wide variety of fields to call on for support and to refer my clients to when the opportunity arises. 
I am confident to refer the services of each of our members in the knowledge that they will look after each person referred, with the same standard of care and attention that I offer to my own clients.”
Edel Cleary

Feng Shui Design

“It was fate that brought me to the North Dublin Business Group. Ian Jackson invited me after meeting through an online workshop and I’m so thankful he did!

My business was just starting out and I had never joined a Networking Group, but knew this was important for me to do. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming from day one and each person made a point of getting to know me and helping in anyway they could. Even though most members were very established in their fields, I have never once felt out of place.
We try to present ourselves in a number of different ways at our meetings every two weeks, and that has really helped improve my confidence as a businesswoman and this has carried through to the way I present myself to potential clients.
I’ve gained many fabulous clients from my networking friends at NDBN. More importantly though, I have a strong community to fall back on, for support and encouragement, when needed.
I’m very happy and lucky to be a part of such a special group.”
Dena Shearer

Luvly Content

“Framework Financial are a Lifestyle Financial Planning business and have been part of the North Dublin Business Network for many years.  During that time we have enjoyed the support of the other businesses within the network along with the many referrals we have received.

We are in the position of being able to provide referrals to any of the businesses within the network with confidence, knowing that our referral will be looked after in a friendly professional manner and will receive the best possible products / service from any of the members.

This Network has proved an invaluable resource to many of us around the table especially during recent times when many businesses faced their toughest challenges.  We would highly recommend this network to potential members.”

Eileen O'Brien

Framework Financial

“Being a member of The North Dublin Business Network is very important to me at CMS. On a personal level they are a very supportive group of people ( particularly during the pandemic ) & I get great business tips. I have received direct business from the group, as well as fantastic introductions to potential customers.

It is also great to have a trusted network of suppliers of various services, that we can recommend with confidence, to our customers.

Finally the meetings are very professional, but they are also lots of fun.”

Daniel Collins

Copy & Mailroom Solutions

“I have been a member of the NDBN for the past number of years.  It would describe it as a group of like-minded business people, who are genuinely looking to help you and your business succeed.

During my time as a member I have formed some great relationships and not only do I receive quality referrals, I know that I can refer the other members to people in my own contact sphere with confidence.

An added bonus is that the group has been very supportive, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic, and that they are always there if you need advice specific to their field.”

Mark Newman

Newman Doyle Solicitors

“I have been a member of the North Dublin Business Network for several years, being one of its founding members. In that time, I have found the network to be excellent. It has helped me generate leads through contacts in the group.

I have also built up strong relationships with fellow members, which has been a great support, especially through the recent COVID period.

I would highly recommend the network to all.”

Tom Shanahan