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Why We Are Different

Many of the Network’s members are experienced networkers, having been members of Chambers of Commerce, BNI, Venture or other networks.

The difference with our Business Network is that it is:

  • White collar profession focused
  • One person per profession
  • There is no cost of membership, and only a small charge (once a month) to use the View venue in Malahide.
  • Completely Independent
  • Not affiliated to any other networking entity
  • Post COVID, we alternate our meetings between the View, in Malahide, and online via Zoom.


North Dublin Business Network is a network, formed by business professionals whose business connections are largely North Dublin oriented.

Many have been members of other business networks and are now looking for something more independently minded and run.

Read what our members say about what it means to be part of this network.

Excellence of Service

If there is one thing that unites us, it is that we are all passionate about what we do, and provide excellence of service as a matter of course. In fact, we like to go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied.

We are also all business owners, so take personal responsibility for delivery of top-notch service.


Service Categories

You can see what categories (20) we currently have in the Network here.

However, our ideal number of members is 25 and there are still some unfilled positions available.
If you are in a category that is not already filled, we would like to hear from you!

Contact us here.